Strategic Brief

Project Concept Proposal

This is a project of redesign a commercial website which was given by lecturer randomly. The website that i need to redesign is body perfect, It is a website that selling some product, some promotion and also giving some services like spa,facial to woman.In this project, we are not allowed to change the logo,identity and reposition the brand. What we need to do is learn the basic concept and redesign the website with new design or idea. We have 8 weeks to create at least 8 pages of HTML and finish it in that 8 weeks.

Current Site's Analysis

The purpose of the website is let user know more about the facilities and benefits of beauty. Other than that, they also list out all the treatment,for example, face, body slimming, body beauty & wellness , bust care, spa, and beauty services.They also show out their success story and some awards. They provide email address, location of the beauty center and telephone number for all the people who interest to do some treatment or buy their products. The target audience is woman.

There have some pages that need to improve. The font that used is too simple, they like to use boxy shape to design the web page, the size of the picture are not accurate, there are no hierarchy for the arrangement of words,and also some space are wasted.

Client's Analysis

Body Perfect believe that being beautiful is for everyone. Can get to experience and enticingly new realm of beauty treatments at here. With the perfect combination of nature, state of the art technology and skill, They promise you the best very best in professional beauty care. All of the
treatments are technologically advanced and exclusive- imported from some of the leading
scientifically forward countries like USA, France and Italy.

Their treatments are also ISO certified and have the US FDA stamp of approval and patent. They are also endorsed by leading dermatologists in USA, Europe and Japan. They create a very good atmosphere, a very good environment for the beauty treatment. They promise an unforgettable and mesmerising experience with their internationally trained Beauty Managers, who will guide through your beauty requisites.

Short & Long-term Site Goals

For the short term, they should add more promotion to attract more costumers attention to their
package. Now they just have one promotion. There is not enough to attract more and more people. Other than that, they should promote some special package during some festival like buy one free one. But until now, they never update and change their promotion even the Hari Raya is coming soon.

For the long term they should do more promotion at some public places such as shopping mall or some advertisement of the beauty center. In TV programme, i never saw the advertisement of this beauty center.Compare with the other beauty center such as London, weight. They should promote more product in their website and also do some advertisement in TV programme to get more attention by costumers.

Target Audience

-Their target audience is female, anyone who like beauty.

For the career opportunity part:

Operations Manager:
-Female candidate aged 30 and above with 5 years of experience in the retail and service operations section.
-Possess relevant tertiary qualifications and have strong analytical skills.
-Able to work independently and oversee the daily operations of the assigned Body Perfect outlet.
-Must have exceptional management and leadership skills.

Beauty Consultant:
-Female candidate aged 25-35 years.
-Experience in the beauty industry would be an added advantage.
-Able to cooperate and efficiently assist the center/ Beauty Manager accordingly.
-Aggressive, results oriented, willing to learn and have pleasant personality & good communication skills.

Senior Beauty Therapist:
-Female candidate aged 18 and above.
-Preferably with least 2 years of experience.

Junior Beauty Therapist:
-female candidate aged 18 and above
-Those who has keen interest in beauty but with no beauty training are encouraged to apply.

Customer Service Executive:
-Female candidate aged 21-30 years.
-Able to provide excellent customer service support. Computer literate.
-Possess good interpersonal and communications skills and exude excellent phone manners.
-Able to converse fluently in English and Malay.

-Female candidate aged 21-30 years.
-Preferably with at least 2 years of experience.

Competitor's Analysis

Primary Competitor:V L Skin care

VL Skin care is a center that has treatment for those with problematic sensitive skin, transforming them to a silky smooth radiance glowing with beauty. The treatment such as hair care, body care, normal skin, acne skin, and sensitive skin. They have a lot of product to promote compare with the Body Perfect. The webpage is very nice, warm, comfortable.

Other than that, they also show out all the achievement from year 2002 until 2008. From that we can get a lot of information and some news. From this way can attract a lot of customers attention.

Secondary Competitor: London Weight Management

London Weight Management is a center which is helping the people who face overweight problems. The treatment are not same with the Body Pefect. They just focus in the weight problem, but Body Perfect's treatment contain many areas such as skin care, slimming body, spa, etc...But the promotion part, London has more promotion and advertisement than Body Perfect.

Tertiary Competitor:SK ii

Treatment on face,they sell a lot of products like purifying, renewing, brightening, nourishing,
anti-aging, protecting, and enhancing.


Web Design 2 - 4 url of beautiful commercial site

1. SAMSUNG url:

main page

2. yonex url:

Main PageBag

3. NIKE url:

Main Page
Products (Basketball)
4. SK2 url:

HomeAbout UsLive ChatWhat's NewProducts

Web Design 2 - 4 url of competitor

main page

VL Expertise
VL Product
Contact Us

Main Page
About Us
Our Services
Contact Us

HomeContact UsSpa TreatmentDining
About UsCommercialProfessionalContact Us

Web Design 2 -4 screenshot of client's site ( critique )

1. The circle (red arrow) put at there got a bit weird. Not suitable for the design and the environment.
2. The font that used is simple.
3. The women who sit at there, make people confused, don't know whether is sit on the sea
or ?

1. All thing in box . looks boxy.
2. The font a bit big, let me feel too many space was waste, should change the size.
3. Some of the font was bold, some are not.
4. The size of the picture can be smaller.

1. The photo at the left is nice and clear.
2. But the size of the 4 photo at the bottom can be bigger.
3. No hierarchy, the arrangement of the words.

1. Too boxy
2. Using the same photo with the main page, and just overlap the women.
3. Do not have any design, waste the space.
4. A bit rigid

url :

Web Design 2 :4 URL of design tutorial




Web Design 2 :4 URL tutorial - html , css , javascript

URL of CSS tutorial

URL of HTML tutorial

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